Cubox Review

If you surf the Internet regularly, you must have collected all kinds of valuable or interesting information. But as time goes by, you'll find that these favorites are scattered across different websites or platforms, making searching for them a nightmare like finding a needle in a haystack.

So what is a more elegant collection tool that allows us to better manage these worthy "favorites"? It's like an infinite box that supports multi-platform synchronization, allowing you to collect information from your mobile and computer platforms and integrate them into one place, so that the fragmented knowledge can be gathered into a complete information base for easy access and search.

Cubox is a more modern bookmark favorites, allowing you to easily collect all kinds of web pages, web snippets, images, voice, video, shorthand, files and other web information on your cell phone, computer and WeChat, automatically organizing, and providing integrated reading and searching functions. It can very effectively help you manage the scattered contents that you couldn't use well before.

Cubox can be a "fragment collection" assistant for collecting useful information on your phone and computer, a private knowledge base, and a great helper for reading, studying, researching, and finding information. It's a one-stop shop for collecting, managing and accessing information.

Cubox provides a rich variety of ways to collect (collect) content, and supports multi-platform clients, including mainstream browser extensions, Windows and Mac desktop applications, iOS and Android mobile APPs, WeChat collection assistant, etc., allowing you to quickly cut and save information on any device, anytime and anywhere.

On your computer, you can use the Cubox Browser Extension, which supports Chrome, Edge and other major browsers. After installation, you can simply click on the icon to "cut and hide web content", and Cubox will automatically generate titles, cover images and tag suggestions for you, making your favorites more searchable.

In addition to saving the entire web page with one click, Cubox's browser plug-in also supports individual "Favorites" or dragging and dropping images directly into Cubox to quickly collect them, and it automatically retains information about the original web page, such as the URL, so you can trace the full content later.

On the mobile side, we can make quick collections through WeChat forwarding, the system's sharing menu, widgets, etc. We can also add links, images, files, shorthand and other content manually.

It can be said that Cubox's collection function basically covers all types of information that we come across in our daily life, so everything can be collected!

Cubox also offers a unique "Browsing History Sync" feature that allows you to search the history of pages that Cubox and your browser have seen before, find them and re-favorite them with one click.

In addition, Cubox also supports "automatic snapshot archiving" of favorite articles, which is very effective to prevent the original page from being invalidated and inaccessible, and say goodbye to 404! It is very useful to save some time-sensitive information. This feature is only open to members, so if you need it, you can consider opening a Pro membership and unlock unlimited article collections and tags.

Usually the content of our collection is stored in the collection box by default and needs to be categorized and organized using time. But once we can't take time out, the more content piles up, the more difficult it is to organize. Cubox's automatic "Smart List" feature can help us organize efficiently. Simply create a new smart list, give keywords and specific conditions, and you can automatically filter out relevant articles.

For example: unread articles, marked articles, WeChat articles, recently bookmarked images, voice video collections, etc. In addition, Cubox also provides nested folders and tags to assist in management, supports batch organizing, duplicate link detection, etc., so that efficient organizing is no longer a problem.

Cubox's reader automatically parses the text to create a clean and crisp reading interface, with a sidebar and outline to help you quickly grasp the structure of the article. And you can also highlight "mark key points" when reading to record ideas, and float marked cards to the top for reference and addition at any time. Provides settings such as font, line spacing, and dark mode to give you the best reading experience while helping you digest your knowledge better.

After you mark up your articles, you can also batch export your "results" as PDF/Markdown/HTML/TXT documents, so you can share them or import them to other productivity tools for further use. At Cubox, you can do both carpet "full-text search" of the collected web content and individual search of annotations, even for archived articles.

And the software also has built-in OCR recognition technology for pictures, supporting the conversion of pictures, WeChat audio and video content into text, making it easy to mark and search for content in pictures without missing every important item. In addition, those with Apple (iPhone / iPad / Mac) devices can launch "Focused Search" to quickly find the content you need right on your desktop.

In addition, when you use common search engines such as Google, Baidu, Bing to look up information on your browser, you can automatically match the relevant content in Cubox, so you can access your private knowledge base with one click and make the information you have collected for a long time really useful to me! To develop good reading habits, Cubox also provides widgets such as highlighting review and random reading on cell phones and tablets. No need to open the App, you can view the latest collection on your desktop to help you review important content and inspire new thoughts.

Cubox supports cross-platform synchronization of collection contents. In addition to the web version, it also provides multi-platform clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. So you can bookmark content on any device, anywhere, anytime, and access it later on another device, making your knowledge base available everywhere. Cubox is more powerful than what is described in the article, for example, it also provides API extensions, collection, shortcut command operation, integration and synchronization with other productivity tools, and other features that enable more advanced integration needs. Of course, some features are also exclusive to premium members, such as full-text search, image text recognition, WeChat audio/video to text, web snapshots, etc.

Cubox is free to use, but free users will limit the number of collections, so it's better to try it out, and then consider opening a Cubox Pro premium membership if you feel it's really helpful to you.

In short, Cubox makes it easier for you to collect, organize, read, learn, and share scattered knowledge on the Internet, and to integrate these contents more effectively, so that they can really be used for me to improve my own learning and work efficiency. If you have been suffering from the lack of good bookmarks and favorites tools, you might as well try it right away.