UninstallService 2023: An upgrade with app removal capability for more than 10,000 Windows and Mac apps

UninstallService is highly rated on review sites, pro users and professionals as the best app uninstaller on Windows and Mac computers. It is powerful and reliable to perform any app uninstall job without any hassle out of the box. The new upgraded UninstallService 2023 enables you to completely get rid of +10,000 newly-released apps with ease.


Solis is a real-time design export tool that seamlessly integrates with your favorite code editor. Solis provides users with real-time, multi-view previews while writing HTML, CSS, SCSS and LESS, making it a powerful addition to your web design workflow and giving you a huge boost in efficiency.


Acorn is one of the better image processing software for Mac. If you don't want to use and install the huge Photoshop on your Mac, Acorn is a good alternative. Acorn is all very Photoshop-like, and yes, it is designed to be a lightweight alternative to Photoshop, with all the basic tools and filter effects of Photoshop and support for layers.


Pixa for mac is the best image management tool for Mac. Pixa is the ultimate solution for image management, helping you to speed up your design process. Pixa supports the following image file formats: PSD, AI, SVG, JPG, GIF (of course, it can move), PNG, TIFF, PDF, Pixelmator, BMP, ICO, ICNS, EPS, Acorn and Pixen.

TinkerTool System

TinkerTool System is a deep maintenance tool for Mac platform to help you modify some hidden system properties, including system interface fonts, whether to not show hidden files, etc. There are many features and options on the Mac that are not exposed to the user through the interface, and as a system user, every time you change a hidden setting, you need to search the Internet, such as turning off the creation of .DS_store files on network archives, and so on, to get a command line that is impossible to remember. This is especially annoying after each Mac reinstallation. TinkerTool is a free program to make hidden functions appear, from Finder/Dock/Quicktime/iTunes/Safari hidden function customization to various interface font choices, font smoothness, login items, all kinds of customization, very convenient. And it will not damage the system, the settings are only valid for the current user.

Cisdem DVD Burner

Cisdem DVDBurner is a disc burning software for Mac platform that can burn data discs, DVD discs and audio discs. Cisdem DVDBurner software can automatically convert your media files (WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, M4A) to standard CD disc formats that can be played on any disc player and can burn discs from image (.iso) files. In addition to CD/DVD disc burning functions, the software includes a CD splitter for extracting songs from an audio disc, collecting track information from CDDB and saving the split songs as MP3 or WAV files on your hard drive. Cisdem DVDBurner allows you to burn data discs, DVD discs and audio discs Other features include burn checksum and multi-chapter support, erase media, ID3 tags, etc. Cisdem DVDBurner supports double-sided DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.

Cisdem PDFMaster

Cisdem PDFMaster for Mac is a PDF processing software that lets you edit PDF, convert PDF, perform PDF signing, PDF splitting, PDF merging, PDF compression, PDF extraction and PDF encryption. Batch convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, Pages, etc. with super fast speed. Built-in OCR text recognition engine can accurately identify more than 200 languages and maintain the original document layout after conversion.

UninstallService offers outright one-time purchase for lifetime license at an affordable and very cheap pricing. You can always upgrade to the latest version by downloading it from the official site https://uninstallservice.com, or click the update to check for any upgrade available.