The hands-on experience on Xiaomi Mijia

Mijia has been expanding its smart home ecology in the same way as "wide and complete", so whenever searching for smart small home appliances in the shopping software, keywords such as "Mijia" and "Mijia ecological chain" can always appear in the search results; The seemingly good parameters, "excellent" price, and "smart" characteristics attract our attention wildly, but before placing an order, we always worry about whether they are easy to use and reliable. There are really a lot of Mijia products at home, mainly because Xiaomi has launched cost-effective products in all kinds of home appliances in recent years, the appearance can be moderately priced, and it has more networking functions than traditional products, it is difficult not to be moved. Of course, in actual use, I found that many networking functions are a bit chicken, such as rice cookers and washing machines; Some can be used on basic functions, such as Xiaoai speaker and screen hanging light linkage, voice switch; Some are convenient, such as letting Xiaoai adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, and the thermometer linkage widget displays the temperature and humidity at home.

Mijia 10KG integrated washing machine

Although cleaning and drying are best treated with separate equipment, it is often necessary to consider the price and apartment type, and the cost is quite high. I am still very satisfied with this Mijia dryer that I bought a few years ago at a coupon price of 1800, because on rainy days in the south, many clothes are not dried and other natural drying is too slow, and the bedroom connected to the balcony will be too humid for a long time, which will seriously affect the body feeling and even the mood. This Mijia washing machine has many optional functions, and you can also choose the washing time on the Mijia APP, which is indeed more convenient to use than traditional washing machines. However, there are also slots, washing machines, which are placed on the balcony, away from the center of the house, due to signal problems, there are disconnections from time to time, of course, this may not be a router, but the router I use is also Xiaomi (embarrassing). Over time, I think there is nothing wrong with not being connected, after all, there are many functions, but there are only a few main ones, and I am a one-person residence, and I do not have the diversified needs of a multi-family family.

Mijia IH rice cooker

This rice cooker was also one of the first rice cookers released by Xiaomi, and I remember there was a more expensive version that benchmarked some high-end Japanese rice cookers. I bought the relatively affordable version. This is also a product that I don't think about the networking function, although Xiaomi has launched a special APP "Zhiwu Cooking" for it, and has configured different heating curves for different rice cooker dishes in the software, which sounds very good; However, after actual use, I feel that for people who really know how to cook, the heat control is almost the same, after all, the rice cooker is not a wok, and the difference in heat is not obvious; If you cook the main thing, you can cook without mistakes, and you don't expect it to be brilliant. Whether the rice is delicious or not depends on the type of rice, the washing process, the cooking time, etc., and has little to do with the intelligence of the rice cooker. However, the appearance of this product of Mijia can still be beaten, and it is easier to integrate into the kitchen environment in a large number of rice cooker products on the market, which is not so eye-catching.

Zhimi 1.5 hp first-class energy efficiency air conditioner, Mijia fresh air conditioner

In the field of brand disputes of air conditioners, Xiaomi is not the most cost-effective, nor can it be said to be the best cooling and heating effect, but due to the high degree of linkage with Xiao Ai, I think it can be said to be the most easy to use. There are two air conditioners installed at home, and it is too troublesome to find the remote control every time. Relying on the high integration of Mijia, as long as the air conditioner is named, you can shout a voice to switch on and off, adjust the temperature, this experience is like a fingerprint door lock, very smooth and can save a lot of trouble. The downside is probably that I didn't find the remote control for the air conditioner for a while.

Mijia electric scooter

I have bought two generations of Mijia electric scooters, and the first generation has accompanied me through the first two years of work after graduation, whether it is commuting or simply going out to pick up the express. In general, the first generation of Mijia electric scooter, as a first-time product, has many problems, such as easy puncture, rear fender and rod connection screws are very easy to break, and so on. Although there is a warranty for the first year, the repair fee is additional. Later, I found out that there were actually spare parts for sale on Taobao, so I just bought them myself for maintenance. However, even so, the frequency of its problems is really high, and even if it has been repaired by itself, it is still old. Later, after 3 punctures, I changed two tires to solid tires in a fit of rage – although it was a lot of bumps, it was much easier to change the rod connecting screws and fenders than to change the tires.

Mijia floor electric fan

Mijia floor electric fan was purchased in the summer of 2020, when I wanted to decorate the living room so that it could be used as a living room tool to relieve the heat of a shared small home. There were two main things that attracted me to buy it, one is that the shape of the tower structure saves space and is more elegant, and the other is that it can be used in HomeKit through HomeBridge. However, since I bought it, I found out that HomeBridge did not support its plug-ins at that time, and in fact, it had not been opened in the living room since I bought it - and even after less than a week in the living room, I took it into the room as a rapid cooling tool after returning home in the summer. But then after moving, there was a large living room of 40 square meters, which finally came in handy. To my surprise, its airflow is indeed commendable. The fan is placed in the upper left corner of the living room, but after turning on the maximum windshield, sitting on the sofa about 3 meters opposite, the wind can blow no matter where it is. Together with the two air conditioners in the room, you can enjoy a little coolness in the living room even in summer.

Mijia soup pot

As you can imagine, Mi Jiaran also sold soup pots... But in fact, Mi Jia Zhiwu cooked the soup pot and also accompanied me through the two years of social work just out of college graduation. As a good-to-use pot, it only costs 99 yuan, but it can also be used as a variety of cooking pots, which can really be described as "the first kitchenware for young people to rent", and it looks good. Although it is a soup pot, it is not a problem to stir-fry and fry a steak occasionally, and it is easier to clean without sticking to the coating. It can be used not only on induction cookers, but also on cooktops. This also means that whether it is to make a small dish with an induction cooker at home, or to take it out to use a cassette stove for an outdoor hot pot, it is not a problem. Although it was later left in the old residence due to lazy cleaning and moving to lose weight, it is not difficult to see that its quality is indeed commendable, and you will not be distressed when you really want to lose it. Perhaps when I buy a house and buy more exquisite and expensive kitchenware many years later, I can also remember the winter when I came out to work before graduating from college, and I was lying alone on the bed in the apartment room and using the iPhone 6s to order the Mijia soup pot.

Mijia mosquito repellent

This little thing can be said that I have bought the "most pit" Mijia products without one. In terms of design, Mi repellent mosquito repeller maintains Xiaomi's usual aloof design, white plastic body, similar to an air vent cover above. And it is different from traditional mosquito repellent products, it is not with the heat to evaporate mosquito repellent liquid or mosquito tablets in the mosquito repellent substances, but by a small electric fan blowing a soaked mosquito repellent tablets - can make the mosquito repellent supplies so good-looking and elegant to use, perhaps only Xiaomi. However, it is completely synonymous with "good-looking but not useful". In the summer in Guangzhou, it was almost completely ineffective against the mosquitoes in my room. I thought I could sleep at night, but I was still woken up by the buzzing sound of mosquitoes. Moreover, the first generation of mosquito repeller does not have any built-in lithium battery, relying solely on two No. 5 batteries and a manual switch to adjust the power on / off. In addition, it also contrary to the Mijia "everything can access app" different, does not support any smart home linkage function, can only rely on the light on the switch to determine the working status. Later I could not stand to be persecuted by mosquitoes, I could only silently receive it on the luggage to eat dust. Immediately after, I switched back to the liquid mosquito incense, and with Xiaomi's smart socket to achieve a timed switch and HomeKit automation, the use of experience and mosquito repellent effect are instantly pulled full. Eventually, the first generation of the Mi repellent disappeared without a trace after one of my moves. But to my surprise, it later actually launched the second generation. But because the first generation stepped into the pit is too deep, so no longer consider a new one.

Yeelight bright bedroom lighting

Purchased to improve LDK lighting at home. The originally installed lights were small and the color temperature and brightness could not be adjusted, resulting in a very dark home at night. LDK carries most of the daytime life, TV entertainment, cooking and eating, and will have different color temperature and brightness needs, so I think it is better to directly buy intelligent lamps that support infinitely dimming. At first I did not consider Mijia. Although there are other Mi Home kitchen devices, but almost no app control, plus Apple home barrel users, of course, the first choice is to support the Homekit lights. There were not many domestic brands to choose from (Green Rice, Xiaoyan, Yeelight, etc.), and at the time of my purchase, Green Rice and Xiaoyan's online channel had only one ceiling light. Although I was satisfied with the light of Xiaoyan in all aspects, I finally gave up because of its small diameter. As for Yeelight, although the flagship store has a wide variety of products, I asked the customer service, only the two series that directly support Homekit are "Bright" and "Initial Color Light". The bedroom lamp of the Bright series, with a diameter of 470mm, meets my requirements, and although the thickness of 80mm is a bit thick, I am still satisfied with all parameters. Although the name is bedroom lamp, mainly because the shape is round, named after the shape of the living room lamp are rectangular. With the idea of being able to connect directly to Homekit, buy is bought back, but finally returned to the Mi Home app to control it, mainly because the light can this light has "main light" and "ambient light", and there is no way to directly control the ambient light in the Home App. Not only can you not directly control the switch, but you also can't adjust the color and brightness. In other words, the ambient light can only be switched on and off together with the main light, as for the color, find other ways to adjust it... I've looked into possible solutions, and I've seen people use Home Assistant to connect the ambient light to Homekit as a separate light. I've never tried HA, so I just let it go. Then, after a month of use, the ambient light broke. Look at the picture should be more intuitive, part of the ambient light will flicker, and the color is not uniform. Ask customer service to learn that it can not be solved by resetting, need to exchange; I personally still think that it is not very good quality. Other aspects, including color temperature / brightness adjustment, night light mode, etc., or more satisfied. Only, the operation on the Mijia app is still not very smooth. At this point in time when products related to the Matter protocol are about to be launched, I suggest that those who want to buy smart lamps can wait a little longer. If you have a requirement for the thickness of the ceiling light, all of Yeelight's lights are 25mm, which is very thin, and now the product line has been expanded to include round lights in sizes from 23cm to 60cm, and square and rectangular models have been added. If you like ambient lighting, Yeelight's products are still the main focus for now.

Yeelight Bluetooth remote control

Yes, I later bought a remote control because unless it is done with complete lighting automation, it is more convenient to return the physical control. I am very satisfied with this Bluetooth remote control, small and exquisite. It distinguishes and controls the main light and the ambient light by short press and long press, such as short press to turn on the main light, long press to turn on the ambient light; With the lights off, press and hold to turn on the ambient lights individually. This logic is easy to understand. It is also very convenient for pairing. I recommend that if you buy a Yeelight lamp, it is better to have a remote control or dimming knob.

Yeelight switch

As for solving the problem of "smart light off", I didn't toss it, and directly purchased Yeelight's own Link Switch - a "self-rebound switch" formed by a spring inside the switch button. The main difference is that each way (each button) has an additional screw to control the self-rebound, and by adjusting the screw, you can switch between "normal switch" mode and "lingering switch" mode. In other words, even if you buy a dual or triple-way lingering switch, one way is connected to Yeelight's smart lights, and the other way can still be connected to ordinary lights in your home. I bought a total of two two-way switches, mainly because, after changing one switch, it didn't match with the other traditional switch, so I simply changed both of them. Use, indeed, as users say, the lingering switch will be harder (harder to press, louder), especially after the opening of the self-rebound, press down still need to use a little force. But the appearance I am still quite satisfied, not worse than the ordinary switch. The physical switch is also really good physical switch, walk past a smooth press is very solid, the mother came home will not be confused. If you want to completely cut off the power to the smart lights, there are circuit breakers above the switch that can be controlled. A good way to think about the Mijia family of products is to find established brands to OEM and incorporate their own design and smart style. The former makes most of the Mijia products have a uniform appearance, also happens to be my very favorite simple, low-key; and smart also tends to continue its consistent interaction logic, as long as you have used other products, you almost do not need any learning threshold to start using. As for the so-called "good or bad", Mijia never revolutionary, in the low-price strategy and mature OEM double parallel, you can always get 80 to 90 percent experience at a price significantly lower than the mainstream market. I use the Mijia all-purpose sweeping and mopping robot 1 generation (right), and as an upgraded version of the 1S in addition to the addition of optional automatic water up and down accessories can be purchased separately, in fact, there is no significant change in performance (so below for simplicity I use 1S to refer to the two products), but the price has dropped three hundred, compared with the mainstream products easily more than four thousand, is visible benefit. But as I said before, if you cross the mainstream products with higher price, 1S is only 90 points at most, just the right level of suction power and moderate mopping ability, a large capacity dust bag can be used for at least a month and a half, automatic water up and down can also automatically add detergent, it does not have those seemingly remarkable additional features such as voice call, electrolytic water, etc., but in fact in daily use In fact, in daily use, I do not feel that it does not do as well as any of its rivals in the job of "sweeping and mopping". The 1S even outperforms most brands in terms of indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance, which I value, and it never pushes my slippers all over the house when cleaning the whole house, or does a good job when cleaning selected areas. Of course you have to say that other more expensive products are an IQ tax or even inferior to the 1S. I don't agree that any new technology comes with a matching effort and premium, and many features that you find dispensable at the moment may not suddenly become an irreplaceable source of happiness one day. And it's definitely not a so-called "consumer downgrade" or a "settling for".

Air conditioning companion

Buy air conditioning companion because this summer is too hot, but I do not want to blow the air conditioning all night. So I asked my boyfriend if there was something that could control the air conditioner according to the room temperature. After searching, he found that the air conditioning companion can achieve this function. Before buying it, he was worried that the temperature sensor was not sensitive enough to adjust the temperature sensitively. But I actually experienced it and found that it was possible and very sensitive, and I was personally satisfied. To better set the control temperature, I placed the sensor at the head of the bed. I set the air conditioner mate to turn on the air conditioner when the temperature is above 28.5 degrees and turn off the air conditioner when it is below 28 degrees. This way the air conditioner turns on when I am just about to sweat. After it cools off, the temperature drops and the air conditioner turns off again without getting too cold. This way the room can always be at a relatively constant temperature. The downside is that there is a "drip" sound when the air conditioner is turned on and off. On a hot night, it will "drip, drip, drip, drip" many times, so if you are a light sleeper, you need to be careful about buying it. The good thing is that I won't be woken up when I fall asleep. Air Conditioner Companion supports both Mi Home and HomeKit connection, so I can enjoy a cool summer day after I come home and say "Hey Siri, turn on the air conditioner".

Water heater companion

After purchase, I found that the water heater outlet does not require voice control, I just need to set the water heater on time once and then leave it alone, and this outlet also supports setting the time for weekend and weekdays respectively. The water heater companion also helps me save a lot of money on my electricity bill. Roughly speaking, the money I spent on it has been saved from the electricity bill.

Mijia automatic phone washing pro

Before buying an automatic mobile phone wash, my family uses a bottle of hand sanitizer (mostly a foam hand sanitizer) that presses out of the bubble, in order to let the child develop standard handwashing habits, I specially bought this charging model to wash the mobile phone, it has a 20s reminder function, a charge is enough to use up a bottle of replenishment liquid. However, it was later found that even if there is no automatic mobile phone washing, children's handwashing habits have long been cultivated under the influence of kindergarten, which is more standard than adults. The only thing that is not very satisfactory with this hand-washing phone so far is that the consumption of hand sanitizer has become faster, although the refill is not very expensive, but the overall cost has increased.

Mijia screen hanging light

This is one of the most satisfying purchases I've made. Ever since BenQ released the screen hanging light, I've been convinced that iMac needed a hanging light. With the opening of crowdfunding for Mijia Hanging Light, I couldn't wait to give my first participation in crowdfunding to Mijia Hanging Light. After a long wait, it was worth it the moment I opened the package. The workmanship is meticulous, the wireless switch is very convenient, and the light range and brightness match my desktop and iMac very well. After using it for so long, it is the light that is turned on most often in the room.

ZMI 65W PD Socket (6 pins + 2 USB + 1 Type-C)

The premise of the requirement is not too high, you can buy. This product is an off-site shopping experience a few years ago, when it was on a business trip, suddenly found that the charging head did not bring enough. In a pinch, I bought this charging head, and was generally satisfied. The power supply protocol and charging speed are not bad, but when adding the device being charged will cause other devices that are charging to be disconnected for a short time. Since the purchase of Belkin's 100W charging head, this one has been reduced to an office accessory. Put it on your desk all year round, and charge your phone and watch at any time.

Xiaomi USB patch strip (3-pin + 3 USB)

Not a very recommended product, this is also my earlier purchase of millet items, once bought two, normal service more than 4 years, initially comes with a USB port is a very practical configuration, but with the evolution of the plug-in board, the ordinary USB port output has almost become obsolete. The reason I do not want to recommend you to buy Xiaomi plug-in board is mainly because of its jack quality, three holes and two holes in use, often need to make a good effort to insert (both plug-in board is), and obviously feel the reed elasticity is not enough to use less than a year there are signs of deformation. I started buying Mi's smart devices when I was in college. Most of Mi Home's devices have a nice look, and a barely-there user experience. For people like me who are on a tight budget but want to experience a smart home, perhaps Mijia is the only choice. After graduating from college and returning home, I also brought back the Mijia devices from the dormitory and built a smart home system at home with a decent experience.

Mijia Electronic Temperature and Hygrometer Pro

Mijia electronic temperature and humidity meter Pro, I am as a desktop clock to use, the electronic ink screen appearance is also very sophisticated. My most important feature is the connection of Bluetooth can automatically time, temperature and humidity monitoring to or secondary (anyway, it is said to be less accurate).

Mijia power strip

I bought a total of 6 Mijia power strips, and I bought a Rubik's cube power strip with cable, a five-digit power strip, two power strips with three-digit USB, and one drag and two wall plugs. One of them with a 3-digit USB broke after almost 4 years of use, and the others are still strong. Now every business trip must also bring the Rubik's cube power strip. Mijia power strip with USB, occasionally feel high-frequency current sound, in addition to which there are no shortcomings, high appearance, small size, reliability is not bad, the price is not particularly expensive, it can be regarded as a very good cost performance and experience of Mijia equipment.


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