Tips to Fix *.ITL File Extension Error

Sometimes, when you try insert the iPad or iPhone into your computer, you would find the computer  cannot recognize *.ITL or iTunes file extensions. This problem is confusing but I have found some solutions that will fix this permanently.  Once the user removes the library file, iTunes can restore it by seeking for songs in the Music folder. However, this will not recover the song ratings, playlists, and comments. Upon user registration of iTunes via the Internet, the session tracking and state maintenance of a registry cleaner are updated to comply with the cookies directory and remove keys or entries added by accidentally downloaded viruses and other malicious applications if any.

What is *ITL or iTunes Library?

As its name suggests, it is a file that supposedly works with iTunes. However some PC fails to recognize them.

An .ITL file consists of:

* List of songs which was created by the user
* Song ratings, also by the user
* User comments

In other words it contains a song-definite data. When iTunes starts it will check each song in your library and create an .ITL if it is missing.

If you encounter iTunes 4 Music Library, it is the older version of .ITL or iTunes Library. It is also called version 4.9 for Mac OS X and iTunes 4 music library .itl for windows. When you upgrade your iTunes version, it will make a copy of the old .itl files in a folder called "previous iTunes library" and create a new one in the iTunes library folder. If no error happened during the upgrade, you may delete the "previous iTunes library". You will not need these anymore.

The iTunes 4 Music Library is the prior version of iTunes library, particularly version 4.9 for Mac OS X and iTunes 4 Music Library.itl for Windows. When the user upgrades the version of iTunes, it transfers the old library files to a folder labeled "Previous iTunes Libraries". The latest versions of this application often take in advanced features to its library. If a user opens the newer version of iTunes, it will automatically upgrade the current library to a newer format and puts a duplicate of the previous library in the folder named Previous Libraries. When errors do not appear during the upgrade of the newest version of iTunes, users could delete the old iTunes Library file.

The iTunes Music Library file in Macs encloses some of the similar data saved within the Library file. The principle of this file is to create the playlists and music to serve other purposes on the computer. Within Mac OS X, additional iLife applications (iDVD, iPhoto, and iMovie) employ this file for easier uploading and adding of music from the library into the projects.