How to Deal with a Windows Program You Don't Need?


In fact, the title of this post could be "How to Remove a Windows Program". Ok whatever, the main topice of this article is going to show you how to remove the unwanted programs on your computer.
Perhaps you think it is very simple to uninstall a program with the Windows Add/Remove Programs. Yes it does. But if you use the Windows Add/Remove Programs to uninstall program on your computer every time you would find some problems on it. Your computer will get extremely slow and it is quite hard for you to run a third party application smoothly. In some cases, the users would also encounter more serious problems like blue screen of death, freezing computer performance and even the system crashes.

You may feel it is an alarmist talk but that is the true. Windows Add/Remove Programs is unable to remove all things of the program. It would left many fake files,folders and the registry entries on your computer. You know that the Windows registry list would be added everytime when you install a new application on your computer. If you install programs frequently you can image that how many registry entries had been added on the system. Many a people don't know that Windows Add/Remove Programs can not remove the fake and corrupted registry entries. What they really remove are the main process and a part of the associated files. If you use to run the Windows Add/Remove Programs to uninstall a program please do not forget to clean up the corrupted registry keys and leftovers.

I don't want to introduce the method for removing programs with Windows uninstaller here. I just want to show you how to clean up the Windows registry entries. Of course, if you are not familiar with registry operation, do remember to back up the registry before any modification/deletion, you can find the backup option in the File – Export from the Registry Editor menu.

Now, you can delete the associated files and registry keys with the steps as below:

1. Click Start menu ---- Search function.

2. Select ‘all files and folders’ option.

3. Type in the name of the program then you will find all of the files of it.

4. Delete them directly.

All right, this is the method to remove the associated files. To clean up the registry entries, please do these:

1. Go to Start > Run
2. Type the commend of regedit in it, hit OK button.
3. After open the registry editor, click “+” sign to expend the registry branch tree.
4. Find out the registry entries of the program with search function.
5. Right click on each entry folder, and select Delete option.
6. You can reboot your computer after that.

If you learn methods above you can uninstall any program completely.