Apple confirms iPhone 6/6 Plus NFC chip only supports Apple Pay System

Apple spokesman confirmed in an e-mail letter to the media that, the NFC chip within iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be used only in Apple Pay system. Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both equipped with a NFC chip, this function is generally optimistic about the Apple fans. With the NFC chip support, Apple fans will be able to use the phone to complete the pairing with other devices, sharing files, opening the hotel door, finishing NFC tag payments and other functions. 

However, Apple confirmed that the NFC chip in the two new phones will only served for Apple Pay, the third-party developers will be excluded. This means that only in the Apple Pay system, users will be able to use mobile phones to make payments or authorization. So, functions like using the phone as a boarding pass, transport card or opening hotel room is almost impossible. 

If using NFC function to opened hotel door has been achieved. But if the NFC features of the new iPhones only limited in Apple Pay system, then the opening system of hotel room must be consistent with Apple Pay system, otherwise this function will not be achieved. 

Although Apple did not mention about that NFC features of Apple Watch will also be limited just like iPhones, but according to the present situation, Apple Watch is facing the same fate. 

Apple did not disclose plans for the future of NFC chip, but Apple chose to limit its usage now. However, Apple has demonstrated the powerful NFC chip in addition to Apple Pay services, such as the use NFC in iPhone 6 to opened the door of the hotel room. 

Apple also said that before the NFC open to all developers, some partners will get permission to use the NFC chip in advance. 

Analysts believe that Apple's act is understandable, because Apple Pay is a relatively new payment system so far, Apple certainly hope to maintain its secrecy at the time of testing phase of NFC market.