Xcode 6 Beta 7 Released: language fixed,language changed

After the Mac OS X Yosemite DP6 and Xcode 6 Beta 6 released for two weeks, Apple is quite busy announcing the Yosemite DP7 (14A343f), Xcode 6 Beta 7 (6A280n), and OS X Server 4.0 DP (14S274), Apple Configurator 1.7 Beta 5 update on their developer site, of course, for developers, the most important thing is what are the changes ofXcode 6 Beta 7. 

From the Release Notes of Xcode 6 Beta 7, Swift language syntax level changes have not much change on Beta 7, but the internal library exists many modifications and adaptations, mainly are: a large number of internal class or function follows Optional type and protocols, removing most of the function return type implicitly unseal optional types.In which, more API adjusted Optional Conformance, including the Foundation, UIKit, CoreData, SceneKit, SpriteKit, Metal, etc. Seems that it will cause a storm among the developers.

In Xcode 6 Beta 7, the character type can not use the "+" operator to be linked, you can use the String (c1) + String (c2). In addition, Apple is focusing on repairing Swift language bug: Rewriting Sort () function to solve stack overflow Bug;fixing compiler to crash caused by Unmanaged type; solving the problem when generic class type attributes appear generic class, the compiler pending, the compiler to resolve the pending cases; Omit the name field is no longer displayed when Playground example of a class or structure information

Now, you can also enter Xcode, Swift's mobilehub home page for resource sharing and discussion. Developers can directly visit Apple Developer to download Xcode 6 Beta 7, to know more about the detailed information about Xcode 6 update, you can view the Xcode 6 Beta 7 Release Notes.