VilmaTech Shares More Information about Nation Zoom Virus ( Browser Hijacker) is the latest virus which has been detected by VilmaTech Malware Research Lab recently. The expert of VilmaTech has published the post “How to Remove Nation Zoom” on their official blog however, there are still many a Windows users who encountered the Nation Zoom virus ask us about how to get rid of the virus very quickly. Today, we invite Iris Bailey who is one of the experts of VilmaTech Online Support. She specializes in PC Security and would like to share the information with you guys whose computer has been infected by the virus.

Nation Zoom is a kind of PC threats which should be classified as browser hijacker. Any browser hijacker will redirect PC users to other strange website containing advertisement. is a typical browser hijacker that modifies default settings of the browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and even Safari. If the PC users visit this website and install any add-ons on the web browser then it would be infected by this virus. Once the add-ons of Nation Zoom has been installed on the web browser, the browser hijacker will change the default search engine on the computer. For instance, if the victims open Google or Bing to search for something then they would be redirected to the and of course they can not get the correct search results from the legitimate search engine. The search results displayed by nation are totally advertisement and some of them might be the malicious website. If users click on the links showing in the search results they would be took to the un-trusted webpages which always pops up advertisement on the PC screen. Annoying adware has been injected into the PC system from the second they visited the malicious website. Moreover, some of the website listed by the Nation Zoom search engine contains Trojan and malware which trying to attack the users IP address in order to get into the targets’ computers and control the system remotely. If the victims do not remove Nation Zoom in time they probably will come across more PC threats such as blue screen of death, frozen PC screen, slow PC performance on the computers. Therefore, VilmaTech experts suggest PC users that do not visit and installed any toolbar, add-ons, active-X in the computer and of course people had better take this malicious website into the black list.

VilmaTech also advances that people should pay more attention when surfing the Internet, downloading freeware online and clicking on the links from suspicious website. Most of the PC users think that it is not so easy to get virus on the PC because they have run antivirus programs to scan every disk of the computer. However, people should realize that if the antivirus program has not updated to the latest version then it will fail to detect out the virus especially the browser hijacker like Nation Zoom. It is too late to remove the redirect virus with PC security software after the infections. Nation Zoom can be removed manually in fact if you follow the instructions from VilmaTech Malware Research Labs. Anyone who get the redirect virus can visit this post ( to learn how to resolve the problem in a few of steps.