Is iOS 9 built for the iPad Pro?

Without the right software, even the best-looking hardware is a brick. It's clear many of iOS 9's features were developed with the iPad Pro in mind. Specifically, Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture really take advantage of the larger screen. I've found I can be as productive writing on the iPad Pro (working with Safari on one half of the screen and Pages on the other half) as I am using a similar setup on my 15-in. MacBook Pro.

Pebble announced the launch of Pebble Health

It is already December of the year, which means we can enjoy delicious cookies, chocolates,and big meals with our friends and families during the coming holidays. Yet the over-indulgences on holiday might cause various health problems. So applications that serve as a health keeper would be in need. Pebble has just announced the launch of Pebble Health recently, which will be a timely holiday gift for every Pebbler. The new functionality of this launched is available for the users of Pebble’ s three watches, i.e Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steal, and Pebble Round.


Investors pressure Yahoo to cut jobs, appoint new CEO and sell business

It is reported that the investors lost paitience for CEO Mayer's turnaround plan. It faces new pressures from its investors. 

As the 15th shareholder of Yahoo, Canyon Capital Advisors wrote to Yahoo last Friday to urge it seeked for buyers for its core internet business or the whole company. 

The other investor, SpringOwl Asset Management company suggested Yahoo cut 75% of its workforce and look for competent CEO or strategic partners who help Yahoo out of taxation trouble. 

Gain insight on how to fix VPN error 868

It's now very common to hear Windows users complain that, "I just came across VPN error 868 when I wanted to set up a remote VPN connection. After that, almost all of my attempts failed to address that error alert.

What is the VPN error 868 really? Error 868 is the remote connection was not made because the name of the remote access server did not resolve. For experienced readers, you can discover how this post lets you repair the mentioned "VPN error 868", and avoid such annoying issues again.

Panda Global Protection 2016: Securing your web life without impacting performance

Panda Global Protection 2016 is the best antivirus software which provides the highest protection for all devices of our computer. It protects and works on PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile.

It can against all types of threats to protect our data for our Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Almost everything you need for protecting your computer is included in this antivirus software: accurate antivirus, browser protection with an optional toolbar, a firewall, parental controls, password manager, file encryption, cleanup tools and wi-fi protection data shield.

Android users can experience BBC iPlayer new features in advance

The BBC has designed a beta programme for its iPlayer app on Android system. It enables the Android users to be on trails to experience its new features before being released.

To experience the iPlayer new features, the Android users must be running Android 4.1 or onwards. However, not all the sign-ups will have access to this new programme as BBC only offers the opportunity to the first 1,000 sign-ups. To those who want to experience it before launching, they need to step up the pace to register.


Sharp develops 4K smartphone screen, undecided on manufacturing plan

Sharp has developed a 5.5-inch display with 3860 x 2160 pixel resolution, which is equivalent to "ultra high definition," also known as 4K.

The prototype LCD display, which could be used in smartphones in the future, has a pixel density of 806 pixels per inch (ppi) and was shown off last week at the China Information Technology Expo in Shenzhen, China. It was part of a larger, 12.5-inch IGZO panel.

Got All Media 6.0- uninstall help

Instruction on how to fix viritexp.exe error

If we want to fix viritexp.exe error, the first thing we need to do is to get to know what viritexp.exe is and how it generated (aka, rogueware).

How to uninstall software on Tablet

In addition to iPad, nowadays all the tablet PCs in market are based on Android operating system, the software uninstall methods are not the same as PC, PC have many ways to uninstall files/programs/registry/software, you can use the control panel, you can also use the registry to clear residue or forcibly remove unwanted software by a third-party software. Here I will describes in detail the method to uninstall the software in tablet.


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