Microsoft official gadget update

Microsoft official gadget update, these new features you may also be able to use

Microsoft official gadget update, these new features you may also be able to use PowerToys is a collection of gadgets from Microsoft for the Windows operating system that has been in highly active development. As of now, PowerToys has 17 different features built in, making it the "Swiss Army Knife" of Windows, and many of them are even better than similar third-party tools in terms of aesthetics and ease of operation. This article takes PowerToys v0.64 as an example and summarizes the top 5 new features added to PowerToys over the past quarter - maybe there is one that Windows users have been dreaming of.

The hands-on experience on Xiaomi Mijia

Mijia has been expanding its smart home ecology in the same way as "wide and complete", so whenever searching for smart small home appliances in the shopping software, keywords such as "Mijia" and "Mijia ecological chain" can always appear in the search results; The seemingly good parameters, "excellent" price, and "smart" characteristics attract our attention wildly, but before placing an order, we always worry about whether they are easy to use and reliable.

What is New: VirtualBox 7.0.0 Released

Have Problem to Remove HP CoolSense? This is what you should do

Wondering if using HP CoolSense on computer is safe or not? Have problem during the use of HP CoolSense? Eager to find a useful method to remove HP CoolSense? Here, a proper way shows how to completely uninstall & remove HP CoolSense from computer, all you need to do is to follow the detailed steps.

Apple 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone Named after the exposure: iPhone XC

The new 6.1-inch iPhone, dubbed the iPhone XC, comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue and white, that appear to be a hint of the iPhone 5C.

How do I Uninstall Traffic Travis? More Features about New Automated Remover

Do you have problem uninstalling Traffic Travis? Are searching for the best way to deal with the project databases in Traffic Travis, now you’re in the right place, this blog provides a better and thorough uninstall of Traffic Travis, and introduce a new removal tool for everyday use of uninstallation.

Get Undersea Life, Microsoft Windows 10 Theme

Microsoft recently launched Undersea Life, a 16-page theme featuring marine life, in its Windows 10 Store. Now, for those who like Marine life and landscape can go to the Microsoft Store to download for free.

Google Temporarily Removes Chrome Audio Updates that Broke Countless Web Games

The new Chrome 66, which just released in last month, has roll into trouble recently. With new browser Chrome 66, Google introduced new autoplay restrictions on both mobile and desktop Chrome.

Uninstall tool for common antivirus software, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 removal

This is the article that gives the specific steps to totally uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 and other common antivirus software on PC. Keep reading for the best idea if you need.

Bad Design of MacBook Pro Keyboard has Prompted Owners to Petition Apple for a Recall

Some MacBook Pro users have launched a petition calling for Apple to recall the butterfly keyboard, which they believe is flawed design, according the latest report from Appleinsider.


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