Bad Design of MacBook Pro Keyboard has Prompted Owners to Petition Apple for a Recall

Some MacBook Pro users have launched a petition calling for Apple to recall the butterfly keyboard, which they believe is flawed design, according the latest report from Appleinsider.

Over the past few months, Apple’s MacBook Pro has slowly but surely become one of Apple’s more controversial products. Though Apple’s venerable notebook brings a lot to the table, the machine boasts a number of design decisions that — taken together — have sparked a seemingly endless amount of criticism.

More and more reports have been posted in website about the defective keyboards recall of MacBook Pro, some owners, even went to the genius bar and repaired it two or three times, still unable to solve it. In response to these problems, owners have launched a petition calling for apple to recover and repair all of the problematic MacBook Pro models released at the end of 2016.

Back in late 2016, Apple finally unveiled a long-awaited redesign to the company’s MacBook Pro lineup. Of course, the most significant addition to Apple’s flagship notebook was the Touch Bar, an OLED display with controls that dynamically adjust depending upon whatever app happens to be open.

When comparing data from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 MacBook Pros — not including Touch Bar related problems — the 2016 MacBook Pro keyboard fails twice as often as previous models. The 2017 version currently fares a bit better, but a full dataset for that model is unavailable as it has only been on the market for 11 months.

As the matter of fact, except the non-response to the keypad, the cost of repair is another issue.

Apple's MacBook Pro is tightly designed, and it's almost impossible to repair a single component alone. If the keyboard needs to be replaced, all of them include the keyboard, battery and upper metal box need to be replaced. These repairs now cost as much as $700.

At the time of press, the petition has amassed over 1,000 signatures, and Apple has not response for a comment yet.