Twitter COO Anthony Noto is Considering Leaving as CEO of Sofi

PingWest products play January 22nd report, Wall Street Journal quoted the sources, Twitter chief operating officer Anthony Noto is currently considering leaving from the company and planning to join as chief executive of SoFi. For Twitter, Anthony Noto is one of the most important executives.

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s COO and the most important full-time executive at the company, is considering leaving.

Join in Twitter in 2014, Anthony Noto started as chief operating officer (COO) in 2016. Anthony Noto is currently taking into account the role of financial start-up SoFi as CEO. Twitter and SoFi are currently refusing to respond to the news, but none of them denies it. Mike Cagney, the chief executive of SoFi, left the company last fall due to sexual harassment charges.

Though Anthony Noto himself has not responded yet to the public, many employees and investors will worry and concern if he leaves Twitter. Anthony Noto has been charging the large-scale strategic promotion of Twitter, and has successfully contributed to the 2016 NFL Super Bowl sponsorship agreement.

Twitter has an executive leadership retreat next week in New York City, according to multiple sources. It’s safe to say this will be a topic on everybody’s mind. 

Due to the excellent performance of Twitter, Wall Street has been more enthusiastic about Twitter recently, and more and more support from Wall Street analysts is being accumulated. Since the third quarter earnings report was released in October last year, the social media company, which is in its third year of transformation, has been upgraded by at least six analyst, the stock of this Company is up over 40 percent in last 12 months.