Microsoft Has Finally Fixed the Excel Multiple Cell-Selection Problem

Good news to learn that Microsoft has finally annoying bug in Office Excel component, that it might been wrong when you select multiple cells by pressing Ctrl shortcut.

Many users would be using Ctrl shortcut to select multiple cells every now and then in daily file during the usage of Microsoft Office Excel. However, when you use the Ctrl key to select multiple cells, if there is a selection error, you cannot click Cancel option to stop the selection from the mouse, which means, users must cancel all the selection cells and start over again.

This bug has been annoying people for long but Microsoft had never played attention to it, but now, the good news is that, that Microsoft finally solved the problem in the latest Office Insider test beta. Users can experience the new Office Insider version with new multiple cells’selection now.

Microsoft has launched the test beta of Office build Version 1712 (8828.2010) recently, in which updated feature is to solve the problem of the Excel selected cells. Once the user has been upgraded to the test edition, the previous cell selection can be free canceled by the mouse, instead of having to reappear all over again.

As for the Desktop Outlook users, Microsoft has brought the targeted promotion in terms of Groups. Now, the Group sessions are loading faster than the old one, you can double-click on the latest email in its window, just like you can handle email in your Outlook inbox.