Microsoft Announced Visual Studio and Xamarin Take Support to iOS 11

Earlier on today, September 27, Microsoft announced on its official blog that Visual Studio and Xamarin have now supported applications for Apple's latest iOS11 development.

“With the first wave of new iPhone 8 devices landing in people’s hands, and the installed base of iOS 11 users growing rapidly, it’s an exciting time to build apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as macOS and the new 4k Apple TVs and Cellular Apple Watches. Of course, Visual Studio and Xamarin are ready to enable you as .NET developers to create native mobile apps for these new devices with C# and F#. We are excited to share with you that with our latest release of Xamarin.iOS on Mac and Windows, you now have access to all the latest features of the Apple’s new hardware.”

The picture bellow is actually the interface page of using Visual Studio to write and debug application code for iOS11, which it shows very clearly that the simulation equipment is iPhone X, and virtual machine system is iOS 11.

On Visual Studio, you can easily use C# and F# to enable app development for variety of Apple’s products, including Phone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Moreover, Visual Studio now is simultaneously providing platform to Windows and macOS operating system, and Microsoft has even provided Xcode 9 support for it on Visual Studio for Mac.

If you haven’t tried app development with Xamarin yet, it’s available as part of Visual Studio on PC and Mac (including the free Visual Studio Community Edition) and enables you to build apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV – using C# and F#.

This year, we’ve continued our tradition of shipping support for Xcode 9 within 24 hours, with a preview release on September 13 that enabled Visual Studio users to build and submit their iOS 11 apps to the App Store. On September 19, we updated Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac to support Xcode 9.

If using the latest Visual Studio to develop app for iOS 11, certainly it can add machine learning and augmented reality to application.

The features and improvements in iOS apps with Visual Studio tools for Xamarin include Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Augmented reality with ARKit, Applied Machine Learning with CoreML, Vision Framework, Drag and Drop, and more in the Visual Studio Blog from Microsoft.