Macs Needs Antivirus Protection Software, Just Like any Other Computer

Do you know that your Mac needs anti-virus protection like any other computer does, although Apple has been claiming that their products no matter iOS or macOS are the most security devises in the world, but, are you should to expose your Mac in the virus in the day?

The WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Do you still remember the serious attack by ransomware virus which was called WannaCry that happened in June? WannaCry just block your computers and you ask you for money until it released your computer. In that way, your privercy and information are dangerous exposed on the hacker. The attack was first happen in Windows system, the Mac would take breath that they would never get infected, NO! Just in the next, the WannaCry created variants and even started attack macOS operating system, so do you still think of Mac OS X is the most place to stay?

Tragically, the “hero” who had effectively stopped the WannaCry from spreading was arrested by FBI earlier in this month for the reason making other virus to attack a bank in Russia, more information please check out the last story.

Install an Antivirus Protection Software to well Protect Your Mac

In that way, you need to choose and download a good antivirus software to better keep you device safe. Don’t try to fix it after the attack happened, you need to prepare things in advance instead. Using anti-virus to protect your Mac is a good habit, usually there are dozens of protection software to choose, including the backup software like Dropbox, Google Drive, antivirus software like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, Intego Mac Internet Security X9, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac and Symantec Norton Security, they all successfully detected every piece of malware that AV-TEST threw their way.

Leave a massage to tell us which one you think it is best to protect your Mac, and if you need to get rid of antivirus software like ClamXav or any other please find it in these tutorial blogs.