WannaCry 'Hero' Arrested for Creating Russian Banking Virus

The 22-year-old hacker Marcus Hutchins, famed for stopping the WannaCry ransomware attack worldwide in May, was arrested and accused for creating other virus attack called banking virus in Russian.

On Wednesday, Marcus Hutchins who runs a security blog called MalwareTech, was arrested in Las Vegas for "his role in creating and distributing the Kronos banking Trojan," according to a spokesperson from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Marcus Hutchins, better known as MalwareTech, was arrested in Las Vegas as he was about to board a flight back home to the United Kingdom to attend hackers conference. Hutchins was in Vegas for Defcon, a massive four-day conference where hackers, security experts and researchers gather to share information. 

The US government is accusing Hutchins of creating and distributing Kronos, a Russian banking trojan that first popped up in 2014 and stole from online banks.

Who can image that the internet hero who have saved people from WannaCry ransomware attack was making other virus attack. 

The ransomware locked down computers and demanded $300 to get files back. Hundreds of thousands of computers were infected with the malware. The damage forced some hospitals in the UK to turn patients away, and crippled businesses worldwide.

There is an evidence show the real hacker is the companion of Hutchins, he was not only selling virus on the black market, and also responsible to teach buyers how to use the virus to attack YouTube, as Hutchins meanwhile, he’s responsible to make virus.

Besides, public think the Hutchins’ arrest has something to do with the darknet AlphaBay that was just shot down no long ago, because the researcher and unnamed partner of him had sold Kronos according to Hutchins' indictment.