Using PeerGuardian for Mac OS X and Easily Block& Manage IP Blacklist

PeerGuardian is a free open source tool, which could easily block a large number of IP addresses for users in Mac OS X. specific speaking, PeerGuardian for Mac is kind of a guardian that help with user IP secure in Mac OS X operating system. If you think you are unsecure with lots of IP, then it sounds good to download a PeerGuardian for Mac.

What can PeerGuardian does?

  • PeerGuardian for Mac maintains an internal IP blacklist automatically, in order to revent unsafe or suspicious IP essentially, and also allow an entire agreements list with the ability of blocking multiple IP. 
  • Other features of PeerGuardian for Mac include log record and maintenance tool, hereby to check blocked content by these features.

In order to maintain a better safeguard the security and privacy, many people use P2P file to share applications and networks while using PeerGuardian with extensive external IP blacklists.

Many Mac users surprised to note that is a blocked IP in the PeerGuardian IP list, but HTTP and FTP traffic from will flow through fine (ie: websites, Software Update, Apple web  services, iCal, etc). This can lead to some problems with other Apple accessed servers though, like .Mac mail, some iChat traffic, and the Network Time Protocol. Of course you can manually edit the IP  block list and remove Apple entirely if this is too restrictive for your needs.

Go to the official website to download and install PG if you are a heavy P2P user; go to the support of Apple if you have questions about using PG on Mac, if you don’t need PeerGuardian for Mac  anymore and upset to get rid of it form Mac OS X, then go to this tutorial to learn more removal guide to remove PeerGuardian for Mac.