How to Develop Custom & Profitable Responsive WordPress Themes and Websites?

WordPress and Bootstrap

Do you want to use WordPress everyday to help you earn more money for your own business? Do you grow your sales simply using WordPress? Do you want to know more about WordPress and frequently work with it? The topic here is about getting results. You'll have a clear idea on creating and maintaining your own website using WordPress. You need to know about the WordPress's covers, installation, setup and customization, themes, plugins, widgets, seo, and more. If you're not familiar with these, don't worry, let's get started to know them.

Covers of WordPress: It is a content-driven blogging theme

Installation: Install a free WordPress from Click on start with WordPress -> click Start with a blog or Start a website -> Choose a right theme to fit your business or personal use -> Enter a domain name or a keyword (as screenshot)-> Select free package and click Start with Free-> Enter your email address, choose username, and choose a password ->Click Create My Account ->Access to your email and validate your account.

wordpress development

First Look: Click log in and enter users name and password to get started-> Click My Site-> Click Add to plush a blog-> Click Customize to build your expected style.


Plugins: If you want to use more plugins, upgrade your free plan. If you just want to use WordPress without spending cent, then you can start you journey. Start to introduce your websites, write blog and share them to some popular social network sites.

In a short, if you want to know more about the WordPress development and create profitable WordPress websites, the WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap course is highly recommended. This course focuses on teaching Internet users how to choose and install themes, develop custom and responsive WordPress themes and websties. Whether you're interested in coding custom websites, building an awesome framework like Bootstrap or learning skills that can chage your life, this course is right for you. Learn more with the industry's experts and become more effortless in working with WordPress.