How to Turn Off OneDrive Ads in Windows 10

Have you ever found that the OneDrive window popup once and once again on your computer? Does it annoy you like most of people have experienced? Do you know the effective method to avoid this disturb when using computer? Today we will provide a very good way to help you get rid of this problem.

Microsoft calls these annoying little nags “tips,” but many others have characterized them as nothing more that ads. While that accusation is certainly up for debate, a relatively new Microsoft tactic has clearly entered the advertising territory: OneDrive ads in Windows File Explorer. Sometimes you just open a new website or a new folder that the OneDrive Ads just popup suddenly, and it will replete to show up during the using. The good news is that, like most of the other ad-like notifications present in Windows 10, users can turn off OneDrive ads in File Explorer.

Here’s You Should Do

To turn off this annoying OneDrive Ads in File Explorer, you should do as following: open or switch to an existing File Explorer window and click the View tab in the window’s ribbon toolbar. Easily click Options on the far right of the View tab.

When the Folder Options window popup, click the View tab again. Next, in the Advanced Settings section at the bottom of the window, find the option of Show sync provider notifications, which will be checked by default. Uncheck it and then click OK to save your change and close the window.

Therefore, it will (at least currently) stop those annoying OneDrive ads from appearing. But, as mentioned, this will also prevent you from receiving actual notifications from your file sync services.