Facebook debuts Workplace to explore enterprise social network

USA Today reported that Facebook, the world biggest social networking website, is expanding to enterprise social network. There were regulations that employees should not apply Facebook during business hours in the past. It is time to come to internet working areas. 

Workplace has similar interface as Facebook does.It offers conveninence for exsiting Facebook users. In the meantime, Workplace has better privacy protection and security level. It has news feeds, groups and online video broadcast functions as well. 

"Facebook can not be considered connecting the world if it does not connect the offices," said Julien Codornious. 

The traditional Facebook is profited by traffic and revenue and Worldplace will be a paid service. It initially sets the subscription fee between $1 to $3 based on members. The more members that group have, the fewer they pay. Workplace is supposed to be another revenue source for Facebook besides advertising business. Codornious did not reveal the revenue expectation of Workplace, but IDC assumed that its expected revenue will increase to 43.5 billion in 2019. 

Codornious claimed that they aimed at providing new-style and comfortable working environment for users instead of making profits. 

Social networking apps have charms to maintain users. Though many companies do not allow their employees to read feeds on Facebook during business hours, many of them still avail of Facebook to communicate with co-workers. 

So far, there are enterprise communication tools for options, such as Salesforce Chstter and Microsoft Yammer. 

Many of Facebook users are millennials. More and more youth love to communicate with Facebook which maybe the success of Facebook Workplace.