How far will Google Fiber go?

The Information reported on Thursday that Google Fiber of Alphabet obtained fewer users than it scheduled. Alphabet is now working on how to reduce production cost. 

boardband service

The Information quoted from the confirmed source that Larry Page and Sergey Brin are not satisfied with the the implemetation and operating costs of Google Fiber. 

It was reported that Page ordered Craig Barratt cut half of Fiber team and reduce the cost of offering Google Fiber. Google Fiber denied to respond to this piece of news. 

Google announced to create fiber network since 2010. It aimed to offer excellent boardband service with reasonable price to challenge the traditional mobile operators and cable network operators. 

However, the development of fiber network takes longer time and spends more money. The plan of Google Fiber was initiated in Kansas, and has been expanding to several cities. Google Fiber will be introduced to Salt Lake next week. Google wishes to introduces this service to more cities in the near future. 

This June, Google Fiber just acquired Webpass which offers high speed boardband to apartments and merchants with wireless technology. This acquisition will pave the way for the development of Google Fiber.

From the documents which Google Fiber submitted to Federal Communications Commission, it implied to make adjustments for wireless technology. The documents stated that Google Fiber plan to trail 3.5 GHz which will alleviate the jam of Wi-Fi.

When Google released Googel Fiber, it aimed to obtained 5 million subscribers within five years. However, the subscribers of Google Fiber only reached 200,000 by 2014. 

It is said that internet speed of Google Fiber reaches 1GB/s which is 100 times faster than the ordinary boardband in United States.