Pebble announced the launch of Pebble Health

It is already December of the year, which means we can enjoy delicious cookies, chocolates,and big meals with our friends and families during the coming holidays. Yet the over-indulgences on holiday might cause various health problems. So applications that serve as a health keeper would be in need. Pebble has just announced the launch of Pebble Health recently, which will be a timely holiday gift for every Pebbler. The new functionality of this launched is available for the users of Pebble’ s three watches, i.e Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steal, and Pebble Round. Owners of Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steal, Pebble Round, and even the owners of the newest Pebble smart-watches can utilize the new functionality.

The new launched Pebble Health uses a system similar to what in Garmin, and what is more,users can customize their personal goals according to their average. Instead of seeing failure of the preserved goal, users can always achieve success to fulfill the daily goals and keep fit. Pebble Health is an activity and sleep tracker with a timeline integrated, and the data about tracking result will be shown in your timeline. Developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford, this new tool will automatically keep the track of your daily activity and also your sleep with a long battery life.  You can imagine what a life will be like when you wake up and see the result of how much you slept in your timeline, and end up your day with a report that shows your step count.

It is also reported that the access to the Pebble Health API will be available for the developers, thus it will possibly be a new trend that some excellent applications will utilize this new feature in the coming 2016. It will need to be observe whether the Pebble Health,the holiday gift launched for the Pebble smart-watches is perfect and popular or not. Sometimes there will be some problems even little occurring on the new devices or functions, so users can wait and see when is the best time to get the new function for your Pebble smart-watches.

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