Panda Global Protection 2016: Securing your web life without impacting performance

Panda Global Protection 2016 is the best antivirus software which provides the highest protection for all devices of our computer. It protects and works on PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile.

It can against all types of threats to protect our data for our Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Almost everything you need for protecting your computer is included in this antivirus software: accurate antivirus, browser protection with an optional toolbar, a firewall, parental controls, password manager, file encryption, cleanup tools and wi-fi protection data shield.

The Data Shield prevents the external hard disk or USB drive which contain sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. It make our important document secure and private so that they can not be restored with forensic tools or hacking techniques. You can enjoy real time protection against the latest riskware even malware when you are surfing on the Internet. You don’t need to worry about anything especially when you shopping or playing online.

If you are a parent who is strict with you children or concern your kids safe online. Parental control is a tool that allows your kids to use the Internet freely, and protects your kids from any inappropriate content online.

If you always forget a password, the password manager will help you by simply remembering one master password to allow to manage all your online access.

Panda Global Protection 2016 is very easy to set up and use for a PC user, just beware of the optional installation--a browser toolbar - this could cause potential troubles in regular users, some even report their complaints everywhere. It’s up to you to install it or not. If you choose to install the browser toolbar, it will change your home and search page. Moreover, if you are a Mac user, it’s your right to install one license on your Mac computer. And iOS devices users must connect it to a Mac for scanning.

Panda Global Protection 2016 provides greater protection with a new engine, a smarter Collective Intelligence, new checks for wi-fi vulnerabilities, and its excellence at blocking malware, all these should make it be a better choice.