How to uninstall software on Tablet

In addition to iPad, nowadays all the tablet PCs in market are based on Android operating system, the software uninstall methods are not the same as PC, PC have many ways to uninstall files/programs/registry/software, you can use the control panel, you can also use the registry to clear residue or forcibly remove unwanted software by a third-party software. Here I will describes in detail the method to uninstall the software in tablet.

Directly uninstall in tablet systems : the most conventional uninstall method.

1. This method is to directly uninstall software in the tablet system, the method is: "Settings" → "Applications", there will show a list of all installed software

2. Locate and click to uninstall the software, after entering the "Application Information", just click uninstall or remove to complete the uninstallation.

Uninstalling through RE File Manager: specialized in uninstalling malware.

1. After some software installed on tablet , you can not properly uninstall it by the above method, then now you have to follow this method. ROOT your device, then use the RE file manager directly enter to the corresponding file system folders to delete, as follows:

2. Firstly, ROOT your tablet, you can achieve ROOT by a android phone/tablet manager software.

3. After ROOT complete, install the RE file manager to the tablet, run RE file manager after the installation is complete, and enter data / app folder.

4. Long press the software you want to uninstall, directly select "Delete", then reboot the device after successfully completing the uninstallation.

5. With this method, you can also uninstall the application which system comes with. Enter into the system / app folder, click on the "Mount read" button, find the application you want to delete and click delete, and then restart the device, you can achieve uninstalling system program.