Why Microsoft stop selling Windows 7?

Just like Microsoft previously announced, from October 31, Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate boxed version will no longer be sold. And again, Microsoft will not deliver these three versions license to the OEM manufacturers. 

Roughly there are following three reasons: 

1. To make way for the listing of Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview released at the end of September, and will be sale to the market next year, so the he direct cause of termination of Windows 7 is the preparation for the new system listing. 

2. Windows 8.1 becomes Microsoft's most important product, which market share is steadily growing. 

Windows 7 is currently the most popular operating system on the market, its market share is approximately 52.7%. And Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only have 6% market share, respectively. 

After all, in order to encourage all Windows users to upgrade to the latest operating system, Microsoft has given Windows 8 users a way to download a free upgrade to Windows 8.1. Next, it’s Windows 7’s turn to let out its share. 

3. Microsoft's termination of Windows 7 is consistent with the disposal practices

Before Windows 7 system there is Windows Vista launched by Microsoft in 2007, although Microsoft took five years to develop this system to replace Windows XP - which is the oldest version of Windows dynasties interval, but after the launch of Windows 7 Microsoft held no encourage attitude for Vista in 2012 and phased out the sale, the sales cycle is about five years. 

Windows 7, a system listed on October 22, 2009 stop selling from today, the sales cycle is also five years, which is in line with Microsoft's usual practice, in addition to the most classic Windows XP.