Microsoft Project Spark Users can develop game by their own

Microsoft officially released the Project Spark-- a toolkit available for the user to develop and share games by their own for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 users for free download. In addition, Microsoft also sell a boxed version of the Project Spark priced for $ 40, which includes the downloadable characters, themes, games and other content which total value of $ 85. 

Project Spark entered the β testing phase 6 months before, also, its publish date will be in 2013. Project Spark allows users to design their own game, create a role, using if-then trigger rules of the game. Users do not required to have  programming knowledge, just pay enough time and effort, any user can develop a relatively sophisticated game, including "Tetris," "Pinball" and so on. During the β test phase, users had use Project Spark to developed over 70,000 games. 

Microsoft said the company will continue to develop Project Spark based on users feedback. Although the the game developed via Project Spark is free, but users can play more content through payment. 

Project Spark is a product developed Microsoft's response to the "Little Big Planet" and "Minecraft" and other games in the tide of user-generated content. Microsoft recently acquired the developer of "Minecraft" Mojang. With Microsoft's pushing into online services, Project Spark and "Minecraft" those two items are worthy for your concerns.

In games, players can easily create any world you want just with a powerful "terrain brush", and all the "creature", "role" and "sound" etc, you can use the built-in module to modify. 

In addition, since the corresponding kinect and touch screen feature, players can freely adjust the object location, size, and other parameters, not only users can create 2D action game, defense game, horizontal shooters, puzzle games, and even action RPG are available in this game produced modules.