How to clean and speedup your computer

If you don’t regularly clean up the system junk, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, not only the running speed will slow down, but also occupy system space. And long run the computers, often installed, remove the software will cause registration redundancy, thus affecting the computer speed. So how to simply and effectively clean system registry junk and trash? Follow up!

Method One: software method:

All you need to do is download and open a registry optimization tool, according to the interface guidelines to click scanning, sorting, computer cleanup, everything will be perfectly done. 

Method two: Manual method:

1. Click the "Start" menu, select "Programs" → "Accessories", click "System Tools" and then click "Disk Cleanup", select the C drive, after confirmation, select all of the "entries", then confirm; again in "System tools", click on "disk Defragmenter", which takes a long time, please wait patiently. Some programs deleted, but not completely removed, the registry of the computer installation information is retained, the registry will becomes more and more, affect the system performance if not delete these useless information.

2. After several times of installation and uninstallation, the system retains a lot of useless DLL files which should be deleted. Click "Start" menu, click "Run" in the text box, type "regedit", open the "Registry Editor" window, then click Open 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Micosoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ SharedDLLs branch. On the right side of the dialog box, there is a number in the brackets behind the key data, if the number is 0, indicating that the DLL file has become garbage, remove it.

3. Some programs which can be run directly in Windows or programs without install (copied to the computer), such as many small games, the registry records the program with its running parameters. If you delete this program, you still need to delete these useless information in the registry. In turn opens 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software branch. After finding the appropriate program from each sub-key folders, delete it.