McDonald's To Offer Salad, Fruit Or Vegetable As Substitute For French Fries

Now more and more people want a side salad with that Big Mac. Actually the desired dream can be came true soon for McDonald's says it will start giving customers the choice of a salad, fruit or vegetable as a substitute for french fries in its value meals. McDonald's Corp. will roll out the change early next year in the U.S., where people will be able to pick a salad instead of fries at no extra cost. McDonald's says it already lets customers make such swaps in some countries, such as France.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ukash Virus Removal - YooSecurity

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ukash Virus is a kind of ransomware which shows you the fake notifications in order to steal your money. It is quite tough to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ukash Virus are spread more countries all over the world not only in the Canada.

How to Uninstall Skype Completely?

Skype is the most popular chatting tool. However, for some specific reason, more and more PC users would like uninstall Skype from their computer. Most of them try to remove Skype with the Windows Add/Remove Programs. But you need to clean up the leftovers of it if you want to uninstall this software completely.
In order to lower the risk of getting problems, before you get down to the removal of Skype, you should make sure that you have finished the tasks below:

How to Fix L3enc.dll Error Message on Computer?

Try to fix L3enc.dll error but still have no idea about how to deal with such annoying errors? L3enc.dll is an l3enc compression driver for Easy CD-DA Extractor 3 to ensure its smooth functioning. Sometimes, it might be shared by some other programs or even the operating system. But due to some unknown reasons, users will get any of the following l3enc.dll error messages while using the computer.