Google is Considering Ad-Blocking Tool for Chrome Browser

Google is reportedly developing a feature to block advertisements directly in both mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome web browser, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal on April 20.

The ad-blocking feature can be enabling by default in Chrome web browser, which blocks the specific type of net advertisements, in order to avoid the awful experience of users in surfing.

According the report, Google might release this new feature in couple of weeks, but it also has rumors that the company is working on some point details or it would finally crash at the end.

Ad-blocking may could cost a huge loss to Google especially in the online market, but why google wants to continue? The ad blocker would be part of the Google Chrome Browser, which is the most popular browser in the US according to a January report from the federal government's Digital Analytics Program. Nearly 25% of US internet users had an ad blocker in 2016, according to research firm eMarketer. That number is expected to reach 30% by 2018. Google created income over $60 billion through last year of 2016 by publishing internet advertisements, many internet advertisement publishers and service providers are shocked by the news and describe their strongly concerns, but refer to the industry observers, the reason why google is building an ad-blocking tool is to have a better control on ads filters industry.

In the United States, it’s believed Chrome commands nearly half of the browser market of about 47.5% across all platforms, according to market-research provider StatCounter.